Efficient, value-based construction solutions

Henderson project managers and superintendents have over 100 years of combined construction experience. When ground is broken, they know how to lead teams effectively, keeping them motivated, safe, and working efficiently.

They are accountable to make on-site decisions in the client’s interest, and trained to implement “no cost solutions” whenever possible. State-of-the-art budget and cost control systems help closely monitor project expenses, including subcontractor “buy-outs.”

Owners stay informed and in control throughout. Weekly reports detail progress and also serve as a record of construction.

Of course, on-site visits are always welcome too.

After more than 50 years of business, Henderson’s, strong relationships with city and county officials have become one of our strongest construction assets. We work closely with municipalities to create positive permit and inspection schedules, so progress moves forward smoothly and timelines are kept.

Through this entire process, Henderson prides itself on our ability to go “Beyond the Building” and provide our clients with the best, value-based service. Our experience, teamwork, and client-centered approach will continue driving our success.