Wellness and the Workplace

President Bill Strack shares his views on wellness and the workplace.

When I was 35 years old I was stuck in an unhealthy cycle. I was eating fast food for convenience, and believed I was too busy to exercise. I was gaining weight and lacking energy. I finally made the decision to improve my health; I started working out and eating better and eventually found CrossFit.  CrossFit really clicked for me personally and has become a lifestyle for me and my wife. It has changed my life, both personally and professionally, and while it can often be the hardest hour of my day, the benefits are hard to quantify.

Recently, I read this article in Forbes, “Enhancing Corporate Productivity, Community with Group Fitness Programs: The Reebok-Crossfit Paradigm,” detailing Reebok’s successful implementation of a Wellness Program at their corporate headquarters centered around CrossFit. The article states that not only did employee health improve, but so did their morale, efficiency, and productivity. The most interesting part of the article to me was that Reebok’s employees also developed a new sense of “corporate community” stemming from CrossFit and their new healthy lifestyle. The programing is “breaking down the corporate hierarchy, encouraging greater collaboration and co-worker engagement.” Reebok’s employees from different departments and different positions within the company suddenly have “water-cooler conversation” based on their common wellness goals like “how did you survive / fair on that day’s WOD (Workout of the Day).”

I know first hand the benefits living a healthier lifestyle can provide and I want to encourage everyone to give themselves that gift, especially the team here at Henderson. One of our Core Values at Henderson is “Our People.” I want our team to be healthy because they are our greatest asset; I want them to feel better both mentally and physically, to have more energy, and for us to build an even greater sense of corporate community centered around this common goal. Countless studies also show that healthier employees are more productive, have less absenteeism, and lead to lower insurance premiums for the entire company. I feel the best way to foster such a workplace environment is to create a Wellness Program at Henderson.

I’m committed to assisting our team in becoming more healthy, whether by offering educational sessions on nutrion or sponsoring a Henderson team to participate in more events like the 5k we did last fall. I’d like to hear suggestions from our employees, what would you like to see implemented? I’d like to hear from other businesses about your Programs and successes.

Supporting our team in becoming healthier is just one way Henderson is striving to go Beyond the Building.



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