Henderson hosts Corporate Landing Middle School at Busch Gardens

Henderson, Inc. hosted eight 6th grade students and two teachers from Corporate Landing Middle School in Virginia Beach on Monday, December 5, 2011 at Busch Gardens.

They were given a tour of the “Verbolten” construction site by Henderson, Inc.’s Matt Hipple and Mike Van Sickel and Busch Gardens’s Suzy Cheely. The students learned about the importance of schedule, coordination, safety, erosion and sediment controls, the impact of weather, as well as the construction of the ride itself. One student said her favorite part of the tour was seeing and talking about the erosion and sediment control measures that help protect our waterways and the wildlife inhibiting them, while another student said his favorite part was getting to see a tower crane in action!

As the students walked the site, they were able to ask questions about the project and about their own “signature” rollercoasters. The “signature” rollercoaster is the central theme that all of their Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) classes are based around. In each class, the students were tasked with assignments that had to do with their rollercoaster, i.e. energy and motion of the ride, ticket pricing and attendance levels and putting a proposal and presentation together to pitch the ride. They worked in groups and got some first hand experience on how important coordination and communication are during any project.

Teacher Brian Miller wrapped the tour perfectly when he said, “This really is an amazing park, but it’s not just a park. It really is an incredibly planned construction site where science, math, engineering and technology play an everyday role in planning and coordination.”

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